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Remembering 104.7 WMHR & WRLJ

     Oldies 104.7 was another great oldies station and the forerunner of WPDQ FM.  It actually started out in January of 1997 as WRLJ in Howell, New Jersey. Owner Andy Stamat, had originally intended for WRLJ (89.7 FM) to be a Christian Radio station.  The call letters stood for "Rejoice in the Lord Jesus".  
     In July of 1997, program director Sal Anthony took most of the equipment and moved the radio station about a mile south of the WRLJ studios.  It was at this time that the station changed frequencies from 89.7 to 104.7.  Sal also changed WRLJ's call letters to WMHR and...although most of the DJ's were unaware of the stations status, a pirate radio station was born.   A few days after Labor Day 1997, 104.7 was raided and officially shut down.
     DJ's at the Oldies 104.7 included Sal Anthony, Jeff Gravatt, Dlanna, Johnny Val, Dave The Rave, Stuart Weiss, Mike Crystal, Herb Ellis, Jimmy Esposito, Zonker, Jimbo, P.J., Mickey B.  & yours truly Bobby Emmons (for a grand total of 4 weeks!).  Just as I was really getting into the thought of being an on air disk jockey, the station was taken off the air.

     I produced about a dozen jingles for 104.7.  Click on the links below to hear a few of them.  By the way, if anyone has any photos, memories, air checks,etc concerning this station please forward them to me and I will gladly post them. 

Jeff Gravatt Theme

Dlanna Theme

Stuart Weiss Theme

What's That Playing

The Oldies Never Really Left Us