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Remembering WPDQ

WPDQ DJ Jeff Gravatt at the board

   WPDQ was a great little radio station located in Howell, New Jersey.  It was owned and operated by Andy Stamat. I had the opportunity to work at the station from its inception until the spring of 2000.  

     The format of WPDQ was basically oldies but...like the FM days of the late 60's & early 70's, you never knew what was coming next!  Although there was a playlist,  DJ's were actually allowed to bring in outside music that fit the formula...and it worked!!!   The DJ's were excited about the station and that excitement definitely caught on with the listeners. 

     The DJ's at WPDQ included Jeff Gravatt, Ernie Stevenson, Bill Gaetta, Lisa Anderson, Dave The Rave, Stuart Weiss, Hot Wax Hattie, Jeff Brown, Andi K,  Jimmy Givens,  Tim Emmons, Dave Wettmore,  Jamie Christian,  Jimmy Esposito, Eric Finkell,  Wolfman Jerry, Cheri Emmons, Johnny Val,  Andy and Sophia Citkowicz & yours truly Bobby Emmons.  The station also featured newswoman Anita Velardo and technical advisors Rick Brancadora and Bill Clanton.  To hear some of the jingles that I produced for WPDQ click on the links below.  If you were a fan of the station, I'm sure that these will bring back fond memories. 

Dave The Rave at the control board

Good Times and Great Oldies Station

89.7 WPDQ

What's That Playing On The Radio

The Oldies Never Really Left Us

QQQQQ Q 89.7

Good Guy Radio

Good Times Good News & Great Oldies

Sax Jingle (Q89.7)

Shoo Doop and Shooby Doo Jingle

Bobby Emmons with with the Riddler, Frank Gorshen

Life Gets You Down Sometimes Jingle

The Soundtrack Of Your Life

Back To The Beach Jingle

We've Got A Song For You

Q the Q

Q Tip (PSA Jingle)

The Jeff Gravatt Theme

Dave The Rave Theme

Rockin With Dave The Rave

D D D Dave The Rave

Bobby Emmons Intro

Bobby In The Afternoon Theme


Tim Emmons Theme

Dave Wettmore Theme

Ernie Stevenson Theme

Jamie Christian Theme

Stuart Weiss with singer-songwriter Paul Evans
Hot Wax Hattie at the WPDQ studios

If you have a special WPDQ memory, photo, air check, etc, email it to me and I will gladly post it.  Thanks, Bobby