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Robby (Robb) Emmons

Every Father would be proud to have a son like Robby.  It has always been such a pleasure being his Dad.  I am so proud of his decision to serve our great country by joining the Army.    After a year in Afghanistan, and several years stationed in Alaska, Robb is now working in the medical field on Florida's west coast!  Please keep him and all of our brave troops in your prayers.

The song playing in the background is entitled "Hey Little Guy".  I wrote that song and recorded it with the Crosstones in 1991. (If the song does not play scroll down to Robby's 1st Christmas photo and click on the link found there)

Below are just a few photos and some special memories of my beloved son.  I miss him greatly and love him more than he will ever know. 

(PS...leave a comment for Robby below.  If you have a special memory that would be great too!!!)  


Me and Robb at his welcome home party in April.  Everyone was so happy to see Robb and Crystal back in New Jersey.

My son Robb and I at his Army boot camp graduation (Oct. 2009).  I couldn't be more proud of him.

Robb and Grandmom the night before his boot camp graduation.



Robb and best friend Jason Volker at Jason's going away party.  Robb and Jason both left for boot camp on the same day. Jay and Robb met during T-Ball when they were around 6 years old.  He's like a second son to me.

They will probably kill me but...when they were around 9 or 10 we had a recording studio in the basement.  So, Robb and Jay decided to form a band and sing songs about their favorite activity at the time...skateboarding.  They came up with a great name "SC8CO".  And even though neither one of them ever played the drums or the guitar they actually wrote and recorded three songs that day.  Here is an edit of their big hit, "Skateboarding Is Not A Crime".  It's a true Garage (or basement in this case) Classic!!!

Sk8co..Skateboarding Is Not A Crime


Me, Robb, Jay and Danny (Jay's Dad) at Jason's going away party.


Robb freshman year at Howell High School



Robb's 6th grade picture from Shore Christian Academy


Robby at age 10.  He was an all-star during his 10 and 11 year old seasons.  At age 11 he was the only child to hit a homerun over the fence during fall ball.  At age 12 he pitched and won the championship game at North Howell Little League.


Robby at 9 years old.  From 1998-2000 I was working at WPDQ as their production manager and DJ.  Robby was an intregral part of the sound of the radio station.  He did several liners and even sang on several of the jingles for the station.  Click on the links below to hear Robby in action!

Robby...My Favorite DJ...My Dad

Robby...The British Are Coming!!!

Robby...Very Best of Bubblegum

Robby also co-wrote 4 songs that the Crosstones ended up recording.  "Randi", "Samantha" (both about girls from his pre-school days at the Methodist Church in Farmingdale), "Larkin" (his good friend from Providence Christian Academy) and "Praise The Father".  Speaking of "Praise The Father", Cherie' from the Crosstones and I were working on some Christian recordings for Nashville when I started writing this one.  I was stuck on the chorus and Robby wrote it while eating dinner in about a minute!  Naturally these songs are all very special to me.  Click on the links below to hear the songs.

Randi (Bobby, Robby & Cherie')

Samantha (Bobby & Robby)

Larkin (Robby, Cheri & Bobby)

Praise The Father (Bob,Rob,Cherie')


Robby (age 6) and I at the start of his little league baseball career.  He was a great lefthanded pitcher, a terrific first baseman and a pretty good hitter too!


Robby wearing his favorite Power Rangers sweatshirt while visiting with Santa around 1996.  Speaking of Christmastime, Robby recorded a tremendous Christmas record (in 1998) that still receives a lot of airplay.  Click on the link below to hear Robby along with the Peanuts gang. It's the best!!!

Robby...Christmas Is


Robby at age five.  This has always been one of my favorite photos of him.  He was always such a happy kid.  He would literally run and leap into my arms when I got home from work.  And like the popular song from a few years ago ("Dance With My Father Again"), we would dance to crazy songs in the kitchen (ie, "Rubber Biscuit", Barbara Ann, etc.).  At this age he was so into Thomas The Tank Engine, Power Rangers, Jurraisic Park, VR Troopers, Jonny Quest, Land Of The Lost and of course Winnie The Pooh.

It was around this time that I made up a couple of songs to sing to Robby when I was tucking him into bed at night.  One song went something like this:  "Go to sleep my little Robby, pleasant dreams and sleep tight.  Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you and Jesus loves you too...."  After singing this Robby said "how about God the Father?"  So...I had to make up another verse that went something like this..."Go to sleep my little good guy, snuggle in with your Poohs (he never slept without his two Pooh bears: Weeble Guy and Other Pooh), God the Father and the Spirit and Jesus loves you too..."  I just found a little journal from that time and after hearing me sing this Robby replied..."that song breaks my heart because it makes me so happy.  It makes me feel really good inside."

On January 8, 1995 Robby had a head cold.  So...saying prayers with him I asked God to help his nose stop running, to make his head feel better and get rid of his cold.  Robby said "Dad, stop asking for so many things.  You're gonna confuse him."

And on January 16, 1995 after having a nice 3 day weekend Robby wasn't too happy about me going back to work.  He didn't think 3 days off was enough.  He said "if Mommy gave me 3 pennies I wouldn't have very much money.  But if she gave me 10 pennies then I'd have alot.  So I think you should stay home 10 days!"

Robby was visiting with my parents one day and always liked spending time with my Father in the garage.  He said that "Grandpops car garage has every tool to make a man happy." 

Robby always had really great spiritual insight even as a 4 or 5 year old.  I remember when tucking him in one night that he said to me..."I wish I could be a turtle so I could pull my head inside my shell and see Jesus living in my heart."  I'll never forget that!  Out of the mouth of babes...


Back in 1994, when Robby was 4 years old, he was a big Power Ranger fan.  We had a recording studio in the garage where he spent lots of time with me.  He played the keyboards (or at least banged on them) and sang two different parts on the Power Ranger theme song.  It's pretty funny. Click on the link below to hear him. 

Robby Singing "Go Go Power Rangers"


Robby's second Christmas!


Robby's first Christmas!

Below is a link to the song that I wrote called "Hey Little Guy".  A funny story about this song:  I had just finished this song in the recording studio and brought the master reel to reel tape home and put it in the music room.  Robby was just beginning to get around pretty good so I kept the door to that room shut.  But as fate would have it he somehow crawled into that room the next day and proceeded to unwind the tape.  Not only did he unwind the tape he also crinkled it up making it unplayable.  So...of course I had to redo the whole song which was fairly expensive but well worth it.

Hey Little Guy (Bobby Emmons 1991)


Robby's newborn photo.  He was born March 4, 1990 in Red Bank, New Jersey.